“Louisiana Bayou”

“Louisiana Bayou” is a painting that was created from childhood memories of a fishing spot somewhere along Bayou Lafourche in Southeastern Louisiana.  To walk on the sometimes water-logged ,moss covered ground , was tricky, because it often sloshed water over our shoes ,as we traveled on the only trail to the clearing, where fising could take place.  My Dad would lead the way through the moss-drapped trees as the children followed in anticipation of dropping their fishing lines into the merky water.  As a future Artist, at that time, my gaze was looking around where I was and across the bayou at the shapes of trees and greenery on the otherside.  I would notice how the sunlight danced on the water, as deep reflections of the tall trees seemed to wiggle in our direction.

For the reasons mentioned above, depth had to be a central theme of this painting ,because as a child, there seemed to be no end to the distance to the other side of the bayou.  It all appeared so far away.  As the Artist who painted this painting, much attention was given to creation of that depth, and to being visually correct in the rendering of trees and the moist ground area that I didn’t care for, as a child.  For some reason, there seemed to always be some kind of growth around the base of the trees and depending on the time of the year, wild blooms would appear on them.  It was important also to splash the trees with signs of an early morning sunlight  to present the viewers with a complete picture of what it was like to fish along the “Louisiana Bayou”.

   Size:  24 x 30″  Oil on Canvas

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